Bizemag 2022 Award for Leader of Excellence

Siva Ganapathy Subramanian M, Associate Vice President, Global Head for Data & Analytics, Searce Inc, London, United Kingdom

Siva Ganpathy Subramanian M.

““Excellence is never an accident. It is the result of high intention,sincere effort and intelligent execution”, says Aristotle. Introducing the exemplar of excellence, Dr. Siva Ganapathy Subramanian. He’s an eminent man, a critical thinker, a man of extensive knowledge and an ambitious honcho. He stands as an ideal of innovation to the young generation through making significant progress in a limited period. He is a phenomenon, an inspiration, and an outlier in every move he makes. Siva is a highly experienced Business and Management leader with more than 20 years of consulting experience across various industries. He is specialised in the delivery of information management advisory, Data Architecture & Implementation and Data Scientist engagements to clients in the various services industry.  He has vast experience with cloud computing technologies in Data (Google, Azure & AWS). With the use of advanced technologies, he has a solid technical foundation and background in Architecting, Designing and Implementation of large-scale cloud native digital platforms. He has obtained more than 75 IT certifications, which is extremely remarkable in such a young age. He is a proven leader who can draw on his expertise in technical leadership, Partner management, go-to-market solution positioning, professional services, and working in both a direct and matrix operating structure. Siva’s exceptional academic and professional achievements are a great source of inspiration for the entire organisation. As a trusted advisor to C-level stakeholders, he is steadfast in creating, reshaping, managing, and expanding customer-centric businesses and teams. Siva has overseen a slew of large-scale customer engagements. He has worked for industry verticals, gaining vast Implementation Management experience and solid functional expertise. His roadmap and objectives set high standards for the whole team. He has expertise working on different projects half across the globe. His career journey as a Vice President Data Architect, Engagement Manager, Enterprise Strategy Architect, Big Data Architect, Senior Solution Architect, Data Architect, and Data Scientist & Cloud Computing Advisor has provided him the most worth to receive this award. “

Achievements of Siva Ganpathy :

    Our Earth never seems to rest, whether via revolution or evolution. Every minute we spend on this planet, something new is discovered or invented. Nothing or no one seems to come to a halt. In this fast-paced world, one must maintain constant speed to keep up and achieve their goals. A man with a passion for knowledge and a desire to see change will thrive in the world. 

     With the motivational message, “Do not stop chasing your ambitions, since dreams do come true,” he advises and accompanies IT experts and young people throughout the world toward a prosperous future in information technology with a focus on Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

     In his present position as Associate Vice President, Global Head of Searce Inc’s Data and Analytics Business Unit, Dr. Siva Ganapathy Subramanian M is an outstanding leader based out of London. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the University of Madras, an international MBA from Russia Ulyanovsk State University, a doctorate in Philosophy (PhD) from the University of Swahili, and a doctorate in Science (D. Sc.) from Azteca University. He is the author of various IT blog entries and book releases.

     “A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way” says John C. Maxwell. He is an ambitious leader with a start-up to scale growth mindset who has built/launched new practices and strategic business units for multiple businesses and scaled them to enormous growth. He leads a technology-focused group of people and encourages them to pursue professional certifications and knowledge exchange. He has 75+ IT certifications. He is a senior professional with over 20 years of experience in data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning across multiple data portfolios. 

     He has a very strong background in data engineering, management, and analytics and works as a cloud data platform architect. He has extensive knowledge of a wide range of businesses from various industries. He focuses on Sales, Strategic Solutions, P&L Consulting, Pre-sales, Information Management Advice, Data Architecture, and Implementation Services across a range of industrial verticals.He has travelled to more than 25 different countries and has a wealth of experience serving more than two hundred customers worldwide. He has been residing in the United Kingdom for the past eight plus years. 

     He is a man who is realistic in his desire to create a strong, supportive society, stating that “Success is a process. Sometimes, there are stones thrown at you during that journey, and you convert them into milestones by staying humble so that people will give you love.” His motivation to build a firm society and skillful individuals shows that he’s broad-minded and a responsible person with vast intelligence and social concern. 

     His career journey as a Vice President, Data Architect, Engagement Manager, Enterprise Strategy Architect, Big Data Architect, Senior Solution Architect, Data Architect, and Data Scientist & Cloud Computing Advisor within 20 years reflects his excellence and experience in Information Technology. Siva represents the passion that exists in young people and stands as an influence too. 

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