Hamsavardhan Mohan, CEO of BBS who was born and brought up in India believes  ideas with promise as things that should be nurtured from the beginning, and that if  they are managed well, they will grow rapidly in value. He grew up in a middle-class  family where it was difficult to afford an education. But, he didn't let that stop  him from achieving his dreams. As a visionary young man, he worked for many  multinational companies, which helped build his characteristic leadership style,  prepared him to lead teams across multiple industries, and to understand the  technical aspects of any industry that he pursues before starting his own business. His vast experience in the healthcare and technology industry spans over 14+ years  as a technician and manager. In addition, he has expertise in financial reporting,  ICD-10 coding, and medical billing. In other words, Hamsa is extremely well  prepared for most aspects of modern business, and leads his numerous companies  effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, Hamsa continues to keep his business practices updated in order to  always provide cutting-edge options. Consequently, Hamsa is well-versed in  network management in general, an important skill in the medical industry as well  as in general investment associations. As Hamsa believes, you can achieve your goals with hard work and dedication. He  directs his business with a high-quality standard, which is reflected in his work  ethics. His goal is to make all users of his services have the best possible experience. 

The accomplishment of an aim or purpose is a process of working hard with  the pool of talents and ‘Growing Together’ – Hamsavardhan Mohan

About Baruch Business Solutions Pvt Ltd 

The US healthcare practice landscape reveals that hospitals, clinics, and  healthcare management professionals often face numerous obstacles to settling 

their insurance claims. Seeing a critical industry gap, Baruch Business Solutions  India Private Limited (BBS) was formed in 2016 to offer superior Revenue Cycle  Management Consulting services to doctors, clinics, and hospitals in the US. In  March 2016 Hamsavardhan Mohan started BBS India Private Limited with a goal  of developing an innovative billing workflow to assist providers in the United  States. In a very short time frame, it has grown from one person to a company  with more than 200+ employees. Now BBS is consulting more than 80+ medical  practices in the U.S. A Silicon India, Business Insights magazine ranked us among  the top ten medical billing companies for the three consecutive years from 2019  to 2021. In addition to highly trained billing professionals and certified coders, BBS  features an auditing team to stay on top of ever-changing medical coding and  billing trends and ensure higher levels of automation while minimizing errors in  varied tasks like patient registration to insurance denials and account receivable  analysis. 

By primarily serving the US healthcare industry, BBS ensures the protection of the  enormous amount of critical information at its disposal through its heightened  security system. Their security measures include firewall protection and geo specific authorization. The company aims to expand exponentially, becoming a provider of dedicated  customized services to key industry players around the world with a team of  500+. 

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