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From Humble Beginnings to Pursuing Solutions- Dharana Jha

As an entrepreneur, I believe that the true essence of entrepreneurship is not just about building a business. But it’s a journey of self-discovery, determination, and resilience. My name is Dharana Jha, and I am a young entrepreneur from New Delhi, India. My journey as an entrepreneur has been a rollercoaster ride filled with challenges, successes, and invaluable lessons learned along the way.

As an entrepreneur, I often reflect on the journey that brought me to where I am today. Born on April 3rd to a Maithil Brahmin couple in New Delhi, my childhood was not without its challenges. My family of 11 members, including my parents and grandparents, lived in a two-room set.But despite the limited space, our home was filled with the richness of academic scholars.

Both my maternal and paternal parents held qualifications up to the doctorate level. My late father, Dr. Ravindra Nath Jha, was a learned man. And My mother, Dr. Kalpana Jha, served as a radio jockey in AKASHWANI Darbhanga, Bihar, and held a Doctorate Degree in Philosophy. My grandfather, a Principal of Sanskrit University, even received the prestigious President Award for Excellence in Academics in the field of Sanskrit in 1997. Growing up in such an esteemed family, I was instilled with a deep sense of responsibility from an early age.

Despite the challenges of a cramped living space, I was always encouraged to seek solutions to problems. This upbringing fuelled my entrepreneurial spirit and laid the foundation for my journey as a problem solver and a solution seeker. I learned the value of perseverance and determination as I witnessed my parents and grandparents overcome obstacles and excel in their respective fields.

As the first child in the family, I felt a strong sense of responsibility to make a difference in the world. I realized that I wanted to pursue entrepreneurship as a means to create positive change and impact lives. My upbringing taught me the importance of using my skills, knowledge, and resources to find innovative solutions to problems and create value for others.

My entrepreneurship journey has been challenging but fulfilling. It has required hard work, dedication, and a willingness to take risks. I have faced obstacles and setbacks along the way, but my upbringing has instilled in me a resilient spirit and a never-give-up attitude. I am grateful for the strong foundation that my family has provided me and the invaluable lessons I have learned from them.

Today, as an entrepreneur, I am driven by the passion to make a difference and create a meaningful impact in the world. I am inspired by the legacy of my family’s academic achievements and their commitment to excellence. I continue to seek solutions to problems, embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, and strive to create innovative solutions that can benefit society.

My entrepreneurship journey has been shaped by my humble beginnings and the values instilled in me by my family. I am proud to carry forward their legacy and use my skills and passion to make a positive difference in the world through my entrepreneurial endeavours.

Early Years and Passion for Entrepreneurship:

During my school days at APS, Bali Nagar, I had the privilege of having mentors who believed in my skills and guided me towards setting goals and working towards achieving them. Their influence shaped my career aspirations and instilled in me the importance of having a dream and working relentlessly to realize it. It was during these formative years that my passion for entrepreneurship started taking shape.

Early Ventures and Challenges:

After completing my 10th boards, I had to switch to a government school, SKV, Ramesh Nagar, due to financial issues at home. However, I was disappointed with the way the institution was not taking care of the girls in the school. Being a person of daring and truthful nature, I decided to take a stand and wrote a complaint letter to the education minister, highlighting the issues. After 8 months of relentless efforts, my concerns were addressed, and the faults were rectified, showcasing my determination and courage to speak up for what I believed in.

This early experience of standing up for what is right and making a positive impact in my community further fuelled my passion for entrepreneurship. I realized that entrepreneurship is not just about building a successful business, but it’s also about making a difference in the lives of others and contributing to the greater good. This realization set me on a path of exploring various entrepreneurial opportunities and facing the challenges that came with them.

College Years and Business Ventures:

My college years were a turning point in my entrepreneurship journey. I pursued my undergraduate degree in B.Sc. Home Science Economics from Institute of Home Economics of Delhi University. During my college days, I actively participated in various extracurricular activities, including leadership roles in college societies and volunteering for social causes. I also took up internships and part-time jobs to gain practical experience and learn about the nuances of the business world.

With my passion for entrepreneurship, I ventured into my first business during my college years.  I started a small venture to provide customized gift items for special occasions. Despite facing initial challenges in terms of marketing, finance, and operations, I persevered and learned valuable lessons about customer preferences, market demand, and business operations. This early entrepreneurial experience gave me the confidence and skills to explore other business opportunities in the future.

After completing my undergraduate degree, I pursued a post-graduate in Dietetics. During my post-graduation, I further honed my entrepreneurial skills through internships, business competitions, and networking events. I also started a second business venture, offering digital marketing services to small and medium-sized enterprises. This venture gained traction quickly, and I learned the importance of innovation, adaptability, and customer-centricity in the competitive business landscape.

Building my Business Empire:

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to start my own business. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I was determined to create something unique that would deliver excellent products and services to customers. That’s when I met Arshi Ahmad, and we decided to launch our first venture together – Adz Wellness Ltd.

Adz Wellness Ltd. was a combination of several different businesses – a wellness clinic, restaurant, online shopping site, and interior design firm. We worked tirelessly to make our brand stand out, and soon, we had 12 offices and 1 franchise, all located in Delhi. Our hard work paid off when we won the Best Business Award in 2018.

Armed with my education and entrepreneurial experience, I was determined to build my business empire. I started exploring various industries and identified a gap in the market for sustainable and eco-friendly products. 

Even though I had no experience in home decor or digital marketing, I decided to partner with two new firms – one in the digital space and another in interior design. I saw these ventures as new opportunities to grow my business and expand my horizons and knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I was excited to take on the challenge.


I faced numerous challenges, including securing funding, finding reliable suppliers, managing inventory, and marketing the products effectively. However, I was determined to overcome these obstacles and create a business that aligned with my values and vision for a sustainable future.

One of the key lessons I learned during this phase was the importance of perseverance and resilience. There were times when I faced setbacks and encountered failures, but I refused to give up. I learned from my mistakes, iterated on my strategies, and kept pushing forward. I also sought guidance from mentors and industry experts, who provided valuable insights and helped me navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship.

As my business grew, I realized the significance of building a strong team. I hired employees who shared my passion for sustainability and had the necessary skills to contribute to the growth of the business. I also fostered a positive work culture that encouraged creativity, collaboration, and innovation. Having a supportive team has been instrumental in overcoming challenges and achieving success in my entrepreneurial journey.

In addition to building a strong team, I also focused on creating a brand that resonated with my target audience. I invested in branding, marketing, and customer engagement strategies to create a strong brand identity and build a loyal customer base. I leveraged social media, e-commerce platforms, and strategic partnerships to expand my reach and connect with customers who shared my values of sustainability and eco-conscious living.

One of the highlights of my entrepreneurial journey was when my business was featured in a leading national newspaper for its unique product offerings and sustainable business practices. This recognition boosted my brand’s visibility and credibility, and I saw a significant increase in sales and customer inquiries. It was a validation of the hard work and dedication I had put into building my business and a motivation to continue on my entrepreneurial path.

Using My Voice: A Social Activist’s Journey Fighting for Justice:

With the success of my eco-friendly home decor business, I realized the potential of creating a positive impact on a larger scale. I wanted to expand my business horizons and explore opportunities to contribute to society in more meaningful ways. This realization led me to start a social enterprise that focused on empowering underprivileged women through skill development and employment opportunities.

As a social activist, I’ve been fortunate enough to be featured in many esteemed news channels such as News X and IndiaAhead. I’ve worked on cases such as Nirbhaya, Kathua rape case, Unnao case, Sabrimala Temple, and Sita Temple Case, among others. It’s important to me to use my platform and voice to raise awareness and fight for justice. This social enterprise was not just about making profits, but it was about creating a positive social impact. It was a way for me to give back to the community and make a tangible difference in the lives of marginalized women. 

From Entrepreneur to Best-Selling Author: My Journey of Learning and Growth:

I’m proud to say that I’ve recently authored a book called “Mind Universe in Three Thousand Ways,” which has become the second-best seller in the Kindle Edition category on Amazon. It’s been an incredible experience to share my knowledge and insights with a wider audience. Along with being an entrepreneur, I’ve also pursued various degrees and certifications in areas such as Astrology, Vastu, Interior Design, Numerology, Human Behavior, and Chromo Therapy. My passion for learning has been a driving force in my life, and I believe that it’s crucial to never stop expanding our horizons. By pursuing our interests and passions, we can find new avenues for growth and success.

Lessons Learned and Future Aspirations:

One of the key lessons I have learned is the importance of resilience and perseverance in the face of challenges. Entrepreneurship is not a smooth sailing journey; it is filled with ups and downs, uncertainties, and setbacks. 

I have also learned the significance of having a clear vision and purpose for my business. It is not just about making profits, but it’s about creating value, solving problems, and making a positive impact in the world. 

Another important lesson I have learned is the power of collaboration and building a strong support system. Entrepreneurship can be challenging, and having a network of mentors, advisors, employees, and partners who share your vision and values can make a significant difference. I have learned to surround myself with people who inspire and support me, and who challenge me to be better every day.

In addition to these lessons, I have also gained a deep understanding of the importance of sustainability in business. As I pursued my passion for creating eco-friendly home decor and lifestyle products, I realized the urgent need to address environmental issues and promote sustainable practices. I have incorporated sustainability into every aspect of my business, from product design and sourcing to packaging and shipping. I have also educated my customers about the benefits of sustainable living and encouraged them to make conscious choices.

The pandemic lesson to entrepreneurs:

As an entrepreneur, the year 2020 was a challenging one for me, just like many others around the world. The pandemic forced me to shut down my 13 offices, and I was back to zero with huge losses, and unfortunately, my company was declared bankrupt. It felt like a major setback. However, I chose to see it as a learning opportunity and with the unwavering support of my family and friends, who have been my rock, I decided to start anew.

I launched my online business, Mineralz.in, along with two other businesses in partnership, and I am grateful for the opportunity to do what I love. My vision has always been to serve my nation and make a positive impact. Mineralz.in has a special place in my heart as it aims to uplift the status of farmers and dietitians in India while providing accurate information about health and wellness to people worldwide.

Challenges during pandemic

The challenges I faced during the pandemic taught me valuable lessons that I have applied to my work life cycle.  I still continue to do what I love, my vision to serve nation, helping budding entrepreneurs with my counselling and build people’s health and providing right information to the 8 billion people on earth via Mineralz.in. Mineralz.in has vision to upgrade status of Farmers and Dietitians in India. And Idea is to serve society and create wonderful present and future for generations to live healthy Life.

Looking back, I am proud of how far I have come and the resilience I have shown. The support of my family and friends has been invaluable, and I am grateful for their unwavering belief in me. One of the key principles I live by is focusing on my actions and not being attached to the outcomes, as inspired by my favourite quote from the Bhagavad Gita.


In conclusion, my journey has been filled with challenges, but I have learned to see them as opportunities for growth. I am grateful for the support of my loved ones, and I am dedicated to serving society and making a positive impact through my businesses. With a professional approach, a resilient spirit, and a vision for a better future, I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. As I continue to do what I love and pursue my entrepreneurial endeavours, I am determined to create a meaningful legacy and inspire others along the way.

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