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Languid coastlines, lush tea gardens, emerald rice paddies, the smell of fresh spices, garlands of coconut trees and elaborate coastlines with verdant backwaters – the tropical paradise is all set to welcome you for having the best experience in your life in kerala- Travel Diaries. Beaches and mountains – the melting pot of natural beauty at its best. 

Planning for a trip to God’s own country? The perfect destination for a Southern Gateway in India is Kerala. Situated on the Malabar coast, this tropical picturesque vacation spot is one of the best bucket places for travel if you love natural beauty. Whenever we talk about Kerala- Travel Diaries, it is only the coconut oil, swaying palm trees and idly dosa that cross our mind. However, there is so much more to Kerala and in this blog post, we are about to discover Kerala as the perfect gem of a place. 

Coffee plantations, green rice paddies, national parks, and silent backwaters with hill retreats – God’s own country is packed with serenity and adventure. Kerala is a perfect retreat from a stressful life. Home to the best ayurvedic treatment in the country and nest yoga centers, Kerala- Travel Diaries is the optimum refreshment for your mind and body. Experiencing Kerala is a lot about experiencing nature – biodiverse national parks that are home to tigers and elephants towered by tall coconut trees. 

Don’t forget the palm-fringed beaches sneak-peeking on the Kerala backwaters – the enchanting backdrop for your Instagram photo dumping. Captivating the best of Kerala can be quite intimidating because there is so much to do. From exploring the spice gardens, enjoying some luxurious eco-tourism packages, and relaxing at the ayurvedic spa centers, Kerala has a ton to offer. 

Must Visit Places in Kerala

Here are some of the best places in Kerala that are a must-visit:

Kochi (Kerala – Travel Diaries)

Cochin or Kochi is one of the best-known places in Kerala. It is a kaleidoscope of cultures – a perfect amalgamation of old and new. It is the most thriving Indian port for the spice trade that once formed the backbone of India’s trade prosperity. Kochi reflects beautiful relics of Chinese rule, you will be awestruck to explore the Jewish colonies in Kochi. Don’t forget to indulge in the lip-smacking seafood platters. 

Munnar(Kerala – Travel Diaries)

As already said, Kerala is the true combination of all-natural landscapes. Beaches and mountains – the combination that would make you fall for the place. Munnar features some authentic rolling hills and is the home to Kerala’s largest tea plantations. This is the ideal place to relax because it is less crowded and has some breathtaking landscapes coupled with astonishing terrains. Sit back, sip the freshly brewed coffee, and enjoy Munnar – ideal for your honeymoon trips.

Kovalam(Kerala – Travel Diaries)

Kovalam is the most popular beach destination in Kerala. It is full of people and fun. If you stay nearby, this is the perfect weekend gateway. The Kovalam lighthouse is famous for offering the best view of the sunset. The beachfront restaurant offers the traditional Kerala delicacy. What else would you want for the most relaxing holidays? With a dash of sunlight and refreshing water, Kovalam will be the best beach experience you can ever have.

Alappuzha(Kerala – Travel Diaries)

Alleppey is now the best and most hyped tourist destination in India. Initially, it was just a small fishing village, but over the years, the unique natural inland canal of the place also termed the backwaters are the most popular and perhaps the natural wonder of Kerala that draws so many tourists towards Kerala. Exploring the backwaters of Kerala is the best activity in Kerala. It is best experienced on houseboats. A peaceful stroll on Alleppey Beach is also a respite from the busy schedule. 

Must Do Things in Kerala

While exploring the natural beauty of Kerala is the best thing you can do while being there, here are a couple of other things that should adorn your to-do list while in Kerala:

Houseboat Ride through the Backwaters of Alleppey

 This is the must-try activity in Kerala and your trip would perhaps remain incomplete without this one. A lazy ride meandering the backwaters on a kettuvallam will make your Kerala trip a memorable one. The serene beauty and the unadulterated peace in nature will turn your trip into an unforgettable one. 

Witness a Kathakali Performance

 Kerala not only features the best natural beauty but also is a depot of cultural epitome. Kathakali – one of the major Indian classical dance forms is part of the rich cultural heritage of Kerala. While in Kerala, make sure you witness this majestic art form because it speaks a lot about Kerala and its culture. The best place for this is – the Kathakali center in Kochi. 

Periyar River Cruise

Periyar in Kerala is one of the most well-celebrated wildlife sanctuaries in India. The jungles house tigers, bison, langurs, and many other rare and indigenous species of animals in India. The Periyar cruise is a beautiful journey where you can explore wildlife and the natural spectrum. The safari is organized by a joint initiative of the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation and the Forest Department. 

What to Eat in Kerela?

Kerala like all other beach places is known for its seafood. Kerala has the best reserve of seafood, and you could drown in the amazing fish curry or coconut milk braised prawn. There are certain signature Keralan dishes that you simply cannot miss trying. The first would be Appam which is a fluffy and light rice pancake. It is mostly paired with vegetable or meat stew. Do not be misled to believe that Kerala is all about vegetarian food. Beef curry is quite popular in Kerala. It is enjoyed with the famous Malabar paratha which is layered paratha and is a traditional Kerala dish. 

The best time to visit Kerala is from October to February. Kerala is a land full of adventures – a place that has natural beauty and traditional culture preserved at its best. This beautiful fabrication of serenity, and calmness yet a mesmerizing culture and vibrance is what makes the God’s own country. 

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