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Travel to Varanasi- Celebrated as the oldest living city in the World, Kashi is the confluence of modernity and traditions that brings Hinduism alive. The mystique grandeur and rich breathing history of the city encompasses some religious epochs that have loud stories to scream out offering all the visitors the most immersive experience. The city has its own charms speaking through the narrow lanes, spirituality of the ghats and most importantly the delectable cuisine. From hand knotted carpets to glass bangles, the fabulous sweets to the epic Benarasi saree – Welcome to India’s religious heritage premier – none other than Kashi. 

Knowing the roots of the religious culture in India is not possible without paying a visit to Varanasi. The numerous devout temples, transcending beauty of the ghats and most importantly the iconic Ganga aarti will surely make your trip worth enough. The best time to visit Varanasi is during the winter season which extends from November to February. Though the temperatures can go well below 5 degrees celsius, it is still the best time to explore Varanasi in the best possible way. 

Most Fascinating Activities in Varanasi

While in Varanasi,you simply cannot miss out on these activities: 

Temple Visits

The city of Varanasi smells of the aroma of incense sticks in every nook and corner. With a host of temples adorning the auspicious city, it is one of the most perfect places in India for a cultural enroute. Visiting the various temples and exploring the local religious culture will give you a dive into ancient India and help create unmatched memories for the rest of your life. The Kaal Bhairav Mandirr, Maa Annapurna Temple, Durga Kund Mandir, Sankat Mochan Mandir and Vishalakshi temple are some of the most notable nes. 

Morning Boat Ride

The view of Varanasi across the Ganges on a boat is perhaps the most enchanting site one can ever witness in India. Simply access a boat during the sunrise time that is between 5.30 a.m to 8.00 a.m, and experience the majestic beauty of the ghats, religious practices and the vibrance of livelihood. The boat rides are quite cheap and it gets even economical when you travel in groups. 

Evening Aarti

The spectacular sight of evening aarti at the Varanasi ghat where numerous priests chant the holy mantra offering their prayers to the Ganges and the Kashi Vishwanath almighty holding the gigantic brass lamps. Even the most expensive cameras may not be able to capture the complete essence of the scene. 

Ramnagar Fort Visit

If you want to experience the sheer architectural excellence of the region and indulge in the marvel of the past era, then your visit to the Ramnagar fort is a must. By paying just 15INR for each adult and 10 INR, you can enter the fort and enjoy the historical beauty. It was constructed back in the year 1750 by the famous ruler Raja Balwant Singh. 

Holy Ganges Dip

For any traditional Hindu who believes in salvation, the Ganges (according to popular legends) is supposed to wash away their sins. As you take a dip in the river, you will find plenty of people doing so and people describe that there is a different kind of peace and satisfaction in the same. 

Food in Varanasi

For an awesome flavorsome trip, here are some of the most delectable food items of Varanasi, you simply cannot afford to miss:

  • Banarasi Thandai / Lassi : The rich creamy texture of pure milk based thandai is going to soothe your heart
  • Banarasi Rabdi : Thick textured Rabdi to sway you and fix your mood no matter what
  • Kachori and Sabzi : The perfect breakfast combo to kick start the best day in Varanasi
  • Tamatar Chaat : One of a kind chatpata snackings to boost your energy while travel
  • Banarasi Paan : The globally renowned meetha paan of Banaras will find a way down to your soul
Must-Visit Places in Varanasi

The must visit places in Varanasi could actually encompass a billion places, but let’s focus on the ones that are mostly people’s favorites:

Dashashwamedh Ghat

It is the place by the holy Ganges where Lord Brahma had sacrificed Dash Ashwas or 10 horses. This place is an awesome sight for the visitors and plenty of folklores revolve around the same. This is the center of the grand holy aarti of Varanasi. Take a boat ride early in the morning or late evening to witness the grandeur of this beautiful place. And do not forget to collect snaps for a lifetime. 

Kashi Vishwanath Temple

The brand ambassador of Kashi or modern day Varanasi is none other than the majestic Kashi Vishwanatha temple. It has one of the most auspicious of the twelve shiva Jyotirlingas. The temple is a true and pristine reminiscence of the authentic Hindu vibes. The architectural beauty of the temple is also unmatched – perfect visit for offering decorated prayers. And also to delve into Hindu religious vibes with your family. 

Banaras Hindu University

The campus of BHU itself is such an iconic destination. That none would leave Varanasi without paying a visit to this one. The university campus portrays a beautiful conjunction of serenity and educational vibes. With the Bharat Kala Bhavan Museum featuring historic texts, sculptures and texts – it is a must visit while in Varanasi’


Great place to visit with your family. Lord Budhha is said to have delivered his first sermon in this place after attaining enlightenment. The place features a calm and cozy environment with beautiful natural scenes that are ideal for a family visit. You will truly enjoy psychological peace at this place. 

Varanasi is an extremely safe place to visit and is definitely worth a family trip. 2 to 3 days are enough to plan a Varanasi trip. Some of the best relics that you can bring back home from Varanasi. They are – Banarasi silk sarees, scented perfumes, antiques and sculptures, glass beads and much more. Tour packages can be beneficial but it is possible to curate one for yourself with help of the locals. Varanasi is a great tourist destination with welcoming vibes – perfect for your next holiday bucket list. 


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