The work-from-home culture has indeed brought about a shifting paradigm in office wear. Pre covid era had some really strict office wear decorum that almost lapsed during the covid phase work from home. 

However, with the decline in the aggressiveness of the pandemic, some offices have resumed their previous work structure and also resorted to a hybrid model connecting both works from home and work from office culture. So, now is the ultimate time that one has to re-think about unpacking the office wear collection from the wardrobe that was almost lost for the past one and half years. From managing Monday blues to jazzing up your Friday thrills, office wear can be interesting and not necessarily carry the mundane boring label on them. Let us have a glance at some popular and trending ideas that can help you nail the office fashion game.

Trending Office Wear Ideas 

The Classic Corporate Look

If you love old school and your office members appreciate you being in a completely classic look, then you have to go the typical office way. This look is mostly applicable to corporate offices. It includes shirts or straight tops (not too long) paired with straight trousers or very classic denim. The pro tip for this look is not to overdo things and keep it as minimum and subtle as possible. You can team up this look with some detailed accessories.

During the work from home culture, this look has almost said goodbye to all office workers. While working from home, nobody is resorting to this look. During seminars or office meetings one can wear such clothes even when at home, but that instance is quite rare

The Business Look

The business look is a hybrid look between the too formal and too informal. You can create this look by pairing up blazers over t-shirts (mandatorily nude or subtle in color, ideally non-printed) and the bottom wear could be a bit less formal. You can try out jeans rather than formal straight trousers. The business look should include a blazer or an overcoat and you can play around with the accessories. Skirts and tops or formal tunics are also a great option for creating the business look. 

In the work-from-home culture, this dressing style has been the trendiest. Because of the very fact that it blends the office wear decorum with the comfort and informal environment of the home. When working from home, usually accessories are not needed, only a complementary watch can be enough. 

The Glam Look

The glam look is great for Fridays when you plan to hang out with your friends after the office. It is also a perfectly suitable dress code for small office gatherings or on special days at the office where you need some more sparkle and shine than the other days. To create such a  

type of look, you can go with almost any kind of decent yet gorgeous outfit. However, the colors should not be too bold. Moreover, try to keep the makeup down to the earth. A nude shimmer makeup look will be the best. There are a few trademarks of this type of look – statement jewelry, a bit more makeup than what you do for the regular days. 

What Should be the Style Quotient When Working From Home?

While working from home, the pro tip is to pay special emphasis on the upper wear rather than the lower wear. By this time, we all know, that not our entire body is visible across the screen through the front camera. So, it is enough, if we pay more attention to the part visible. Even when working from home, here are a few things to keep in mind regarding your outfit

  • Though you are working from home, do not forget that you are in a virtual office environment and need to maintain at least the minimum dress decorum. Many people commit the mistake of wearing too casual clothes while attending office from home. This can create a negative impact should other people ask you to turn the camera on at any time.
  • There is no need for loud makeup while working from home. However keep in mind that, that your face should be clean, your hair neatly brushed, and preferably tied. Your face should not reflect boredom or tiredness. It is winter now, the pro tip is to always apply a bare minimum moisturizer on your facial skin.
  • When attending office webinars or virtual meetings, try to dress up properly. There is no need to wear formal blazers all the time, but you should also not be in your nightgown when attending meetings

To sum it all up, your style reflects who you are and how you dress up is a big part of your style. So, be it at home or at your office desk, workplace style should always be sophisticated and smart. 

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