Entrepreneur’s Story

Siva Ganapathy Subramanian M,

Associate Vice President, Global Head for Data & Analytics, Searce Inc, London, United Kingdom

As received on 10th August 2022

Siva Ganpathy

““Excellence is never an accident. It is the result of high intention,sincere effort and intelligent execution”, says Aristotle. Introducing the exemplar of excellence, Dr. Siva Ganapathy Subramanian. He’s an eminent man, a critical thinker, a man of extensive knowledge and an ambitious honcho.



Published On July 20th 2022

Explore the journey and work of Priya Chhabra

Priya Chhabra

Explore the journey and work of Priya Chhabra

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Tarunai Creations

Published on May 15th 2022

Taruna Sharma

Taruna Sharma, Founder of tarunaie creations, A unique Women’s boutique in Gurgaon grew up seeing her mother having an import-export factory and designing garments for top designers…


Bob nelson Brand promotion

How Employee Pride Drives Organisational Value

By Dr. Bob Nelson & Dr. Rick Garlik

A key takeaway is that personal pride drives job satisfaction and performance regardless as to whether an employee works on-site or remotely, but company pride provides stickiness to a particular organization due primarily to its organizational culture, which was slightly higher for remote employees.

Read full story here :

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INNOVATIVE COACHING of leading the success and Helping Motivated People Achieve Extraordinary Results

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The “Be Schmaltzy” movement is all about getting out of your comfort zone. The term “Schmaltz” literally means to be overly happy or cheesy, like a joke is cheesy and for most people that doesn’t come naturally.

People need to get out of their comfort zone and fight their fears in order to be happy or cheesy, like a joke so that’s what they’ll be multi movements all about. It’s about getting people out of their comfort zone so they can redefine themselves and find the success within.

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Jordan-Lee Garbutt – Artist & Photographer

Creating miraculous Art works with The Power of Sound


Interview : Jack Yuan – The Young PPE Hero of Covid 19 (2020) : who built a 200 billion$ company


Fear Less Sell More By Thomas Stern

Fear Less, Sell More uses a fictional story, humor, and a conversational approach to making friends with fear. Drawing from Tom’s circuitous career, he shares his unique insights into the psychology behind selling that can bolster the success of any sales professional.


Brand Renegades – Our Fearless Path From Start-up to Global Brand by Sean & Thora Dowdell

Nike’s logo has been the same since 1971, and its slogan “Just Do It” was added in 1988. The logo connects to its consumers, reminding them that they can power through physical and mental challenges.  

The reality is that your company likely won’t become a brand titan like Nike. However, you can use its example to build your brand and create that same kind of connection.  

We’ve worked hard to make Club Tattoo a memorable brand. Here are the lessons and wisdom that we picked up along the way.  


Ascend Your Start-up By Helen Yu

Technology is driven by vision and wisdom, but in the end, it is a product of the workforce that creates it. That’s why your employees, and the company culture that supports them, are so important. As you step onto the global stage with your start-up or business, take your entire team with you.


The Compass and the Radar by Paolo Gallo

With a creative and engaging mix of coaching practice, management theories, case studies and personal story-telling, this book helps readers to identify both their own compass – which relates to integrity, passion and internal value systems – and radar – which helps them to understand organizational complexity and ‘read’ workplace dynamics and situations….


The Secret Is YOU by Chris Cicchinelli

I always like to say, “‘No’ means next.” If one person tells me no, I go to the next prospect on my list. Then after a few days or weeks, I circle back to the first person who said no. Because you never know when that “no” will become a “yes.” The repetition of your ask keeps you in front of prospective clients and sets you up for future success.